I recently added a page on the PowerBook 3400c, and I also link to a page on installing Rhapsody on a PowerBook 3400c (which talks a little about installing on a PowerBook G3 Kanga), but I did want to make sure that anyone attempting this installation on an original PowerBook G3 was successful.

While much of the original PowerBook G3 is identical to the PowerBook 3400c that it replace, there are some differences... beyond the obvious change of processor. And these differences can have an effect on how well Rhapsody runs on these systems.

I have not installed Rhapsody on a PowerBook G3 Kanga, so I'm basing the ability to do so on documentation and third party reports.

What versions work?
From what I can tell, you should be able to successfully install Rhapsody 5.1 (Rhapsody Developer Release 2) or later (Mac OS X Server 1.x) without too many issues. It should, like the 3400c, be pretty straight forward.

The Issues
The first issue that may pop up is limited to Rhapsody 5.1 (Rhapsody Developer Release 2), and the issue is with the processor. Rhapsody 5.1 was released before the G3 processor, so it doesn't "know" what a G3 is. As a consequence of this, it treats it like a processor that the G3 looks like... the PowerPC 603e. In doing this, the G3's special caching technique (which gives the G3 it's speed) is over looked by the system. This has the effect of making the system run at about the same speed as a 603e of the same clock speed.

Fortunately Apple released a patch for Rhapsody 5.1 to fix this issue.

The second issue has to do with the video card. This was actually changed with the release of the PowerBook G3 (so it is not the same card as used in the 3400c).

Again, Apple has released a patch for the video card used in the Kanga that fixes these issues.

Blue Box
Other than these issues, the PowerBook G3 Kanga should be as good a platform for running Rhapsody as the PowerBook 3400c... infact, it should be better.

One of the shortcomings of the 3400c was that the 603e processor wasn't compatible with Blue Box. This should not be a problem with the PowerBook G3 Kanga... at least for Rhapsody 5.3 and later (Mac OS X Server 1.0 and later), I'm not sure this would fix the issue with the early version of Blue Box that shipped with Rhapsody 5.1.

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