In one of my favorite movies, Forbidden Planet, Doc Ostrow warns Commander Adams as he dies:

Doc Ostrow: Morbius was too close to the problem. The Krell had completed their project. Big machine ... no instrumentalities ... true creation.
Adams: Come on, Doc. Let's have it.
Doc Ostrow: But the Krell forgot one thing.
Adams: Yes, what?
Doc Ostrow: Monsters, John. Monsters from the Id.
While my Rhapsody systems don't qualify as "big machines", they are (and have been for quite some time) very productive systems for me.

... productive until I get tied up with "Monsters from the Id".

Id Software
Id Software has always been very good to the computer community (all platforms), so it comes as little surprise that there are Id games for Rhapsody. What is surprising is some of the games that were ported and when (with relation to the Mac and Windows release dates).

A great example is Quake II. Released in 1997, there was a beta version for Rhapsody 5.1 (for PowerPC) in 1998 and a stable release for Rhapsody 5.3 and later by May 1999.

Quite amazing for an operating system with almost no user base... at all.

Of course, it did have some users... including John Carmack, which is most likely why Rhapsody has so many Id game titles.

Most people snub their nose at the fact that there is a version of DOOM for Rhapsody (I've often heard people say "of course, there is a version of DOOM for almost every operating system"). The thing is, DOOM was developed on NEXTSTEP and then ported to MS-DOS (and later all the other platforms). DOOM on Rhapsody is it coming home in a sense.

There are two versions of DOOM for Rhapsody... and

DOOM II running in Rhapsody 5.6 on my system. was a port by Eric Peyton based on for NEXTSTEP/OPENSTEP from the Omni Group. It was originally released for Rhapsody 5.0, but is still functional in Rhapsody 5.1. (also by Eric Peyton) is basically RhapsoDOOM updated and recompiled for Rhapsody 5.3 and later (in other words, this version is PowerPC only).

I have successfully run the following DOOM games in both versions of DOOM for Rhapsody:
Ultimate DOOM
(doesn't recognize Episode 4: Thy Flesh Consumed)
Final Doom: The Plutonia Experiment
Final Doom: TNT - Evilution
The games are picky about the names of the WAD files. So for DOOM and Ultimate DOOM you should name them doom.wad (or doom1.wad) and for DOOM II and later you should name them doom2.wad. And the WAD file just goes in the upper most level of the app package (ie. you should have

So, this begs the question... how do you tell them apart? I have four directories (named for each title) with a copy of the game in them... with a different WAD file in each. When I added them to the games submenu of my Apple Menu, I renamed the app so that it would reflect the game I was going to play.

And now for something different... (again, ported by Eric Peyton).

This is not my genera of game... but I do play it from time to time. I don't have the full version so I've been playing the demo levels bundled with the app.

There is reason to believe that this app could also play Hexen titles too... but, again, I don't have any of these so I have no way of testing it.

Quake II
Still one of my favorite games, the port of Quake II was done by the Omni Group. There are two versions (a beta and a final), both are PowerPC only.

To get the game up and running, you'll need to install the baseq2 folder in (so that you end up with

It plays the video and everything on my system (PowerPC 604e/225), and I've had "some" luck when playing a networked game... I last tried this back in 2002 when I has Rhapsody install on my PowerBook G3. The Rhapsody player couldn't see the other players for some reason.

Quake III Arena
Quake III for Rhapsody was being worked on back in 1999. I have not gotten it running on any system I've owned, but I've heard reports that it works (to some degree).

Quake III required the MesaGL frameworks (a port of OpenGL) that in turns seems to require a 3Dfx VooDoo video card (which I don't have).

That should get you started with some of the game titles from Id Software that run on Rhapsody. Just remember Doc's warning about Monsters from the Id.

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