Creating users and groups in Rhapsody 5.3-5.6 (aka Mac OS X Server 1.0-1.2) is done using the in the "/System/Administration" directory.

The NetworkManager window should already be on "Users" by default, but if it isn't, just click on the "Users" button. This is what you should be given.

Clicking on the create users button should give you the following window (which I've started filling out).

When you finish filling out your new user's information, you can save (command-s). This should bring up a window asking you to retype your new users password.

You'll then be ask to authenticate (even if you are logged in as root).

When you are do you should end up with a new user listed in the main window.

Changes to groups can be done by clicking on the "Groups of Users" tab. You should end up with the main window looking like this one.

To create a new group just click on the create group button. You should be presented with a window like this one.

After naming the group, you can click on the "Add Users" button to add the users who should be part of that group.

When done save your changes.

Stone Design's Create(tm)
2004-05-12 00:12:03 -0600